3 Comments on “Are blogs the ultimate personal branding tool?”

  1. Avatar for Octavio Rojas

    Don’t agree.

    It looks that only if thousands read your blog then it is a valuable tool.

    If a blog allows you to have a real conversation with relevant people, it is enough.

    If a blog allows you to present yourself as someone who has something to say, then it is valuable.

  2. Avatar for Ola

    I couldn´t agree more. Weblogs are a good tool for communicating your brand. It just that in my opinin, it is not THE ultimate branding tool.

  3. Avatar for Cherryseth Puno

    I’m glad that you and I have the same idea when it comes to Weblogs.
    I personally think that blogs are just a small part of branding yourself. Weblogs have more limitations when it comes to reaching out to others to market your brand compare to other different tools such as social media and professional profiles.
    Also, I honestly think blogging is just an extra tool to reach more people.

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