The brokeback entrepreneur – is that you?

Ola RyngeThe Rynge GroupLeave a Comment

Leesa Barnes, who helps women start a new business or launch an idea on a shoestring budget writes about the shoestring entrepreneur and how to avoid them.

When reading her article “7 Ways to Spot a Brokeback Entrepreneur (And How To Avoid Them)”, I realized that there are quite a few people in my surrounding acting as a brokeback entrepreneur (even if they are not entrepreneurs) and that I am very annoyed by these persons.
Do not get me wrong, I love helping people out, but I get feed up with people steeling my time without ever thinking of giving anything back even if they could.

Tip of the day:
Do not be afraid to ask for help, but always ask what yourself what you can give back (and if possible, give back without being asked for it).

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